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Things to do

The city of Colombo is a vibrant and fast-paced dynamic city, which represents a true cross-section of the urban Island life. Steeped in history, the city offers a plethora of experiences both modern and cultural for the versatile traveller.

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    • Island Hostels - Galle Face
    • Island Hostels - Galle Face
    • Island Hostels - Galle Face
    • Island Hostels - Galle Face

    Galle Face

    Located just a short 10-minute walk or 3 bus stops from our Colombo hostel, Galle Face green is one of Colombo’s largest public recreational parks overlooking the Indian Ocean. Though unsuitable for swimming, the Galle Face Promenade, once used as a defence outpost for the Colombo port during Colonial times, now plays host to several street food vendors. One of most notable vendors is Nana’s, where they feature the ‘isso wade’; a shrimp fritter with whole shrimp, ideally washed down with a cool fresh lime juice. The Galle face green is usually busy from sunset to families that flock for kite-flying while the picnic on the green. The Green also provides for an exceptional backdrop of Colombo’s growing skyline, as well as a perfect vantage of an evening Island sunset.

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    Gangaramaya Buddhist Temple

    The Gangaramaya Buddhist Temple is one of the most popular cultural sightseeing hotspots to experience Buddhist culture in Colombo. The Temple hosts a diverse mix of religious and cultural artefacts from around the world. The Temple also features a floating meditation centre section on the Beira Lake, called the Seema Malakaya.

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    Echelon Square

    Situated 4 bus stops from our Colombo hostel, Echelon Square is the business centre, or CBD, of Colombo. Featuring large towering skyscrapers and adjacent to the President’s Palace, Echelon Square features a collection of restaurants, bistros and rooftop bars. One of the highlights of Echelon Square is the Dutch Hospital Shopping Precinct, one of the oldest buildings in the Fort area, dating back to the Dutch era circa 1680s. Now renovated, the Dutch Hospital hosts several shops, restaurants and bars.

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    National Museum of Natural History

    Originally called the Colombo Museum, the National Museum of Natural History was opened in 1877, during the British colonial period. Featuring numerous exhibits dating back to the 9th century, the National Museum provides an in-depth look at Sri Lanka’s rich heritage, from the times of the great Kingdoms until the post-Colonial period.